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MeditAid CLG

We are a non-profit company we founded for purpose of owning and managing our websites and we plan to expand our activities beyond this simple web service in the future. There's a lot that can be done about suffering and methods for it are straightforward. Unfortunately most of today's websites are made for profit and that affects both quality of content and its usability so we put our efforts in providing people with information true to their original sources instead of aiming for biggest number of website visits. There are many misconceptions about matters we present here and we decided to make it one of our causes to help this as opposed to using it for profit. To learn more about us please visit our company website at MeditAid.org.

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Resources - Q&A/Discussions - Blog

MeditAid Mindful is an extension of this website where you can find resources relating to content presented here, a Q&A/Discussions forum, blog, and in the near future, even online courses containing what we presented here in more detail.

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MeditAid Store

MeditAid Store is our online shop where you can buy downloads and CD's with our licenced content for reliability and ease of use. Just pluck that CD in and meditate not having to worry about broken network connections or your machine going into sleep mode.

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MeditAid Polska

MeditAid Polska is our Polish branch with the content written just for Polish people. The difference of perception of certain matters here and there is so significant, it's just a common sense to write it completely different. There's Some basic information on relaxation and meditation. Also you can find a Polish speaking forum there.

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If you found our content useful - perhaps - consider becoming our supporter. If you found help here, it will help other people who come next, so keep us alive so we can deliver information and knowledge to others in our unique blend of non-intrusiveness and no BS. We are a non-profit, as it is stated in our constitution we need to adhere to, so rest assured your donations will go solely towards our cause which is Delivering Means of Stress Relief.

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Our cause is to promote useful information helping overcome stress and suffering. However we cannot provide advantages of learning relaxation and meditation techniques in person from a professional. Meditation is widely regarded as safe by health professionals but it may cause occasional uncomfortable experiences. By calming down, relaxing and being mindful, you can relive past traumas or repressed feelings and thoughts. If you believe it may affect you, seek to learn in person or at least use guided meditations provided at MeditAid Mindful, and have someone trusted with you for sense of security. If you suffer from any clinical disorder, you should consult your doctor before meditating.